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Keeping it Healthy with Kidzshake

Keeping it Healthy with Kidzshake

Big thanks to Kidzshake for sponsoring this post! As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Background story: we recently discovered that Legend has a lactose allergy. He has eczema and regular milk was causing it to flare up. Lactose allergies are seriously no fun and definitely limit what your child can have.  Most “treats” contain lactose and that’s why I’m so glad we found Kidzshake!

Founded by Doctor Rach, Kidzshake is a lactose and gluten free meal/snack option for your kids! Rich in protein, minerals, fiber, digestive enzymes and vitamins, Kidzshake is the perfect smoothie for the little ones in your life!

post 17_3.jpg
post 17_4.jpg

You can make it in a blender or in the blender bottle when you’re on the run. The smoothie mix is also perfect to mix with fruits!

post 17_5.jpg

Legend gave the chocolate cream flavor a try and he loves it! I also had a few (okay, more than a few) sips and it’s seriously so good!

I’m so glad we’ve found a lactose-free, healthy meal option for our sweet boy. You’ve gotta give Kidzshake a try – we can’t wait to try more flavors!

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