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Mama, See Yourself Through His Eyes

Mama, See Yourself Through His Eyes

Let’s be honest.

Motherhood can be lonely.

Motherhood can be hard.

Motherhood can make you feel invisible.

God gives you this beautiful, perfect little human.

And here you are.

Imperfections, impatience, faults and all.

And you’re told to guide this beautiful, perfect little human’s life.

It’s hard.

Harder than we like to admit.

Quite possibly the hardest job in the world.

And the pressure can be mounting.

The pressure to be the “perfect mom.”

The pressure to be the “Pinterest mom.”

The pressure to be the “cool mom.”

The pressure to be the “best mom.”

Lately, I’ve often wondered if I’m even a “good enough” mom. If I’m getting this right. If my son, even at his young age, realizes I don’t always have the answer or know what I’m doing.

This morning, I was surprised to find out that my sweet friend, Jena, who is an artist/illustrator/creator at Spoonful of Faith Studio – created this image of Legend and I:

She used the inspiration from a photo I had posted on my Instagram account a week prior.

I looked at the drawing… almost in disbelief that it was me that she had captured.

This mother seemed so sure of herself. So confident in her motherhood. As a younger mom, I’m always afraid that others probably think I have no idea what I’m doing.

This mother looked so happy – ridiculously happy and content in her motherhood. I was so sure that the bags under my eyes made it look as if I wasn’t.

And the baby in this mother’s arms…

He looked so sure of his mother’s love. So at peace in her arms. So loved – and he knew it.

And as I looked at my original picture, the one I had posted… I realized I saw the same things in my picture as the one that my friend had captured through her artwork.

A mother, in love, doing her best to keep her baby safe and happy.

And a baby boy who was so sure of that love.

Sometimes it takes seeing ourselves through someone else’s eyes to see how special we are. How incredible our gifts are. How needed and loved we are.

In the same way… sometimes it takes seeing yourself through His eyes to know who you REALLY are.

The times that I’ve questioned my motherhood and have doubted myself… I realized I wasn’t looking at myself through the eyes of my Creator. I was allowing lies to tell me that I need to do more… be better… try harder…

My Savior reminds me who I am in Him.

My Savior reminds me that when I miss the mark of perfection that I’ve created in my mind… He is still perfect in His mercy and love.

My Savior reminds me that I am VALUED in my family – that my husband and son need me.

My Savior reminds me that I am LOVED – imperfections, impatience, faults and all.

Mama, I want to encourage you to see yourself through His eyes today.

Seek His truth in His Word.

Remind yourself of who you are in Him.

You’re so needed.

You’re so loved.


Be sure to check out more of my friend's talented illustrations at Spoonful of Faith - you will seriously fall in love!

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